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Willowbrook Equestrian Center
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Leslie O'Neal Olsen, Owner
USEF 'R' Dressage Judge    USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
Dressage Instructor, Trainer and Clinician through Grand Prix
395 Powell Chapel Road  Villa Rica  GA  30180
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August 2010 - I have been riding at Willowbrook Equestrian Center for the past ten years. Collectively my sister and I have brought six horses to ride and train with Leslie. We have always felt that there is something about Willowbrook that each one of our horses just finds soothing. They come off the trailer, and settle quickly into their stalls, better than at any other facility. Willowbrook, for my horses is like a second home. Whether we are visiting once a week, or once a year, it always brings out the best in our horses. There has never been another place where they work as well and as quietly as they do here. Horses know where they will be cared for and loved, and my horses get only the best standard of equine care while visiting.
Jennifer Davis Jordan

August 2010 - Leslie O'Neal Olsen is my riding angel. From the moment I watched her DVD I knew she would be able to help me move forward with my riding goals. I contacted Leslie to come to the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society for a clinic for the Adult Amateurs in the area since I was not the only one who could benefit from her style, grace and riding instruction. Leslie stepped off that plane and I knew even then that she was everything that I had imagined and more. Once we got that clinic started and the riders improved by leaps and bounds in just two short days with her very simple yet effective format I was sure she was an angel. She touched and helped eight riders that weekend and we all could not wait to ride with her again and again.

Leslie knew my fears of my horse and riding so she worked with me alone where we could have a calm and safe environment. I have NEVER felt so safe, confident and proud as when Leslie was helping me. I do not know why or how she was able to do what other instructors failed to accomplish.  I could ride and not feel the overwhelming fear creeping into my hands, seat and body in general. She was very supportive and only took me as far as I felt comfortable. Leslie loves the horse as much as the owner/rider which is an admirable trait in a trainer/instructor.

I can not say enough about Leslie, she is the best trainer I have ever had the honor of working with and hope to do some more riding with her in the future and for many years to come.

Lori Mitchell
Pine, Colorado
Rocky Mountain Dressage Society, VP Foothills Chapter
Rocky Mountain Dressage Society, Adult Amateur Chair
(770) 459-1417
Jennifer and Yogi
Enjoy Your Ride! 
"The Classical principals of Dressage are so simple, yet they've been clouded by intellectual terms, and their great truths are often lost, leaving many riders confused and frustrated. My Five Simple Steps are based on discoveries by ancient Masters, and they work 100% of the time. I have witnessed dramatic, positive results instantly, in hundreds of riders from Walk/Trot to Grand Prix in the very first lesson. The Five Simple Steps are easy to remember and understand... they simply work!

Ride simply because you love to ride and forget the mistakes along the way. Ride for yourself and forget who is watching. Enjoy riding in the moment for today. Knowing that you are riding your personal best is secure, solid success. Enjoy your ride!"
Leslie O'Neal Olsen has studied Classical Dressage for over 35 years. She trained extensively with Classical masters Ann Ticehurst, Hans Muller, Franz Rohvansky and Michael Handler.

October 2010 - As a child, I dreamed of taking Dressage lessons, but never have the opportunity. I rode horses, but never correctly. A friend who had worked with Leslie Olsen highly recommended her to me and suggested that I take lessons. I was hesitant to do this as a 50 year old, but I made the appointment. I was immediately put at ease by both Leslie and the wonderful horse with which I was paired. Her very precise instructions, both verbal and visual, helped me to understand exactly what I was supposed to do. As I rode, she gave helpful feedback that clued me as to when I was on balance and correct in the saddle. Learning to feel what is right was the key to improving upon the limited knowledge of riding that I had upon coming to the lesson. Her extensive knowledge of Dressage, patience, love of horses and humble spirit made my experience surpass all expectations. By the end of the lesson, I could feel myself beginning to be transformed from a passenger to a rider. I look forward to many more lessons and recommend Leslie and Willowbrook Equestrian Center to anyone who is serious about learning Dressage. Jane Hindman
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December 2010 - Leslie has helped me make great strides with my Thoroughbred ex-jumper Casey. With her patience and understanding, we have come a long way and are truly a team now. Her teaching methods are easily understandable. With her help and commitment to teaching us, I have developed a more secure and balanced seat, which has helped Casey to relax and enjoy his work and become more balanced. We are improving with every ride. Leslie's DVD is also a great teaching tool, I revisit it often. Leslie has also invited me to Willowbrook to ride one of her school masters. This helped me to take what I learned there home to Casey. Willowbrook is well run and the staff has always be friendly and helpful. Clinics and Schooling Shows are run on time and with great attention to detail. With luck, Casey will stay sound this year and we can hopefully go out and show what we have learned. Thank you Leslie! Erin McFarland
Erin and Casey

December 2010 - You have helped me accomplish so much with this little trail horse. Your 5 simple steps to finding the correct position and balance allowed Danny to find his balance. Your patience and easy to follow directions during lessons brought us this far and I can't wait to see how far we can go. Thank you so much! Joan Poore
Joan and Danny
March 2011 - The Leslie Olsen Clinic on February 26-27 was an inspiring riding experience. She taught about the betterment of the rider, instead of the perfection of the horse. She focused on harmony between the horse and rider to create a better pair. As she fixed the rider's position, the horse improved as well. Leslie made a huge impact on the way the riders rode their horses. At the end of the clinic, the horse and rider were a happier pair.

Marett Peets
Lanier Equestrian Association
Leslie O'Neal Olsen is seeking a new equine Grand Prix partner with whom to qualify for her 'S' certification. Candidates should be solid Grand Prix and sound (some maintenance is acceptable). If the horse is intended for sale, it will be competently marketed. For more information, please contact Leslie through this Web site.
We are a private, quiet, all inclusive facility with stall sizes range from 12'x12' to 12'x24'. We have new board fencing, indoor ring with lights and mirrors, trails on 30 acres and 24-hour security.

2015 is our 25th year and we are better than ever! We have several boarding and training packages available, from a long weekend to a long-term plan. We are located 35 minutes west of downtown Atlanta off of I-20. We take riders of all levels and any breed of horse.

Our main focus is instilling confidence, trust, and harmony between horse and rider. We want every rider to enjoy their ride every day!

Little Girl
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I had a wonderful time providing commentary during the Olympic Grand Prix Special for 'Dressage with the Experts' at Dressage at Devon 2012! Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012. Click here for info!
  Willowbrook Equestrian Center Has Been Leased!  
Thanks everyone for your kind words. For over 25 years, the barn held so many memories for
so many people. For those who don't know, it was destroyed by a fire on March 10, 2016.

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